We are out of stock and it’s time for Meeru to make more baby foods!  She is scheduled to make each batch personally in mid-December, as she is on holiday with her family for all of November.

Creative, Organic Baby Foods from Small Farms with Beautiful, Healthy Soil

Stacked clear containers of colourful baby food

Get your baby hooked on health while having fun eating!

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About the Founder, Meeru

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Our Products

  • Lentils + Basmati Rice (12 x 4 oz/each)
    Bright yellow baby food in a black bowl
  • Blueberries + Sunflower Seeds (12 x 4 oz/each)
    Bright purple baby food in a white bowl
  • Beets + Lentils (12 x 4 oz/each)
    Bright red baby food in a white bowl
  • Apple + Teff (12 x 4 oz/each)
    Light brown baby food in a white bowl

Meeru's Advice Corner

Nourishment and long term thinking about your baby that goes into My Bambiri baby foods.