Collection: Cultivate your child’s instincts for enjoying a lifelong balance of taste and health.

Very simple:  Thaw container(s) of baby food in the fridge overnight. Once thawed, the food will remain fresh and safe for 10 days. Remember that babies can require 4 to 8 times to accept new foods. I also remind you that babies need fat,  so serve any of these dishes alongside cheese, eggs, chicken, fish, etc. 

Pricing is based on orders of 12 packs and we are offering 3 tiered pricing.  We ask that you consider your unique financial circumstances when deciding how much to pay.  If you can pay more, you support parents who need to pay less.  Our goal is to make our foods accessible to as many babies as possible in our community.
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  • Lentils + Basmati Rice (12 x 4 oz/each)
    Bright yellow baby food in a black bowl
  • Blueberries + Sunflower Seeds (12 x 4 oz/each)
    Bright purple baby food in a white bowl
  • Beets + Lentils (12 x 4 oz/each)
    Bright red baby food in a white bowl
  • Apple + Teff (12 x 4 oz/each)
    Light brown baby food in a white bowl
  • Assorted (12 x 4 oz/each)
  • Digital/Printable My Bambiri Gift Card